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Designing a new dental office or remodeling an existing one is obviously a major investment for your practice. But in truth, it’s even more than that considering how important the end result will be in determining your future success.

All of which makes your selection of a dental office design firm to undertake the project one of the most critical decisions you will ever have to make for your practice.

For over three decades, countless dental practices faced with that same difficult decision all over the United States have chosenhttp://www.designforhealth.com based on our ability to complete successful project after successful project. For evidence of that, visit the testimonial section of this website and read letters from an Architect & Founder Mitchell Goldsteinalmost endless succession of clients praising the accomplishments ofhttp://www.designforhealth.com on their behalf.

Athttp://www.designforhealth.com, our work has run the gamut from remodeling a small 500 sq. ft. clinic to a highly successful 13,000 square foot group dental practice.

Inspiration for our creative process comes not from some rigid methodology, but from a level of expertise that makes it possible for us to design an environment that takes full advantage of the opportunities afforded by the project space or site and that best suits the individual needs and requirements of each of our clients. For that reason we strongly reject the cookie cutter design solutions offered by equipment sales companies, contractors and others in the dental office design industry that reproduce the same space over and over.

We treat each dental clinic design as its own unique entity and believe that good questions and clear communication are critical in facilitating the successful completion of our client’s projects. We employ a sophisticated CAD system which ensures the thoroughness and accuracy of our designs and enables us to generate 2-D and 3-D integrated drawings. We are also committed to the use of sustainable building materials wherever and whenever possible.

Success for us and our clients means that the completed construction or remodeling project is functionally effective, aesthetically pleasing, designed on budget and completed in a timely manner. The end result of which will be an office that will enhance every aspect of a practice and further its success.

In the end, our total commitment to client satisfaction is backed by a guarantee that defines our commitment to quality: “Athttp://www.designforhealth.com, the design process is not complete until you the client say it is.”

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